Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 100th Blogiversary?

It's been a long time since I started this blog. Many things have happened and many things have changed. We have moved homes, traveled a bit, endured death in the most heart wrenching way, celebrated life, lost old friends, made new ones, cemented relationships and so much more. But one thing stays the same. I have persisted in my writing so that I could share my life and tell my story from MY point of view. Yep, sometimes it is serious (um, not one of my finer points), and most of the time it is told with the hilarity that I see it as.
Life is short and if you're angry, hateful, resentful, jealous, or any other way that makes you unhappy, then how can you enjoy the short time that we all have on this earth? All those things that keep you from happiness separate you from being TRULY HAPPY INSIDE. That unhappy stuff eats away your love and at your heart.
So what's it all about then? Life is what it is all about, people. If your house burned down, what would you be concerned most about saving? Your 100 inch flat screen tv? No buddy, those things go on sale all of the time. Your family, friends and other people! That's where it's at! People helped make those memories and events that made and shaped you into the person you were meant to be. God already has plans for us to be who we are and if you can't accept that then you are fighting a hurricane with an umbrella. If you are angry at someone for bossing you around or hurting your feelings, especially if they are a family member, let it go. Just ignore the comments and focus on enjoying anything else that you can at that moment. Move to another room if you have to. If you finally have to say something to them, then say this," Stop hurting my feelings. I really want to enjoy you while you are alive and not wish that you had been nicer to me while I am sitting at your funeral." That's a hard thing to say, but it's true! Some people you just can't stop from spreading their internal unhappiness around, sometimes especially on you, but you can sure walk from the situation. Diffuse, that's the word.
Now how did I get to this? A sermon instead of an uplifting speech? I don't think it's a bad sermon, per se, just something on my heart.
Two women stand out to me right now. My aunts mother-in-law and my mother.
The mother-in-law was such a wonderful woman. I NEVER heard her say a bad word about anyone and I mean anyone. She was a saint and I am not kidding. Woman of God, she really was. I loved her and she loved everyone. I so much want to have her attitude- she was like Jesus wants us to be.
My mother was a friend to so many. She had an opinion and wasn't afraid to share it. Most of the time she had such tact when she talked to folks that I wondered about her, but other times, she just let it all hang out. She loved everyone and overlooked flaws and opinions and whatever to help just about anybody. Most of all, she loved "Her Jesus". If you didn't know that, then you really weren't paying attention to what she was saying or doing. She was happy and bubbly-joyful in even the worst of circumstances. My grandmother named her correctly-Joyce (which means joyous one).

So what does all of this have to do with my blogiversary? Well, I can't remember since I had to stop writing to go to church and then when I came home and tried to write again, there was a party going on in the background that consisted of mooing cows, Dave Barry and his colonoscopy, and a barrier on the floor made of stuffed animals. And then the doorbell rang- and all of a sudden, we have unexpected guests. Then five minutes later, the phone rings and someone reminds me that we have a dinner date tonight.

Now I remember! What I am trying to share is that I had a choice in writing this blog. I had a choice to spend my time doing other things like catching up on housework,(an eternal job, if I can say so myself), or sewing or whatever. I choose if I want to whine or pout about circumstances in my life. I can choose if I want to let people know about my life or I can just keep it to myself. If I can make someone see the lighter side of life and how much it is worth living and struggling for and to enjoy even the littlest of things, then I have done well. If I can share with someone the simple truth that Jesus loves you and forgives you for whatever you have done if you just ask him to, then my life is worth living even moreso.

Life is full of choices, good and bad. It's up to you to decide.
I chose to be happy, to love and be loved.
What do you choose to do today?
(I hope you are't too confused by all of this. It's been a long day over here!)

Happy Blogiversary!

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