Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's almost 8 am and we have an appointment........

It's checkup day for the two youngest.
Right now at 7:54 am, I am contemplating the response I will receive from the baby.
I mosey up to the third floor humming a song and entering her domain,(which used to be my bedroom, uugh). She dosen't flinch an inch. I move closer and hum louder, to which she responds in such a way which look like she is rolling her eyes in her sleep. Her body dosen't move-just the closed eye rolling number that she does. So, Chloe climbs on the bed and calls her name and rubs her head.(Should be some more hair there now, but I don't know what happened!). Baby Dear starts to stretch and GRROOAANNN in an annoyed manner. Chloe rubs her tummy and gets up closer so she can whisper in her ear. (She really thinks she is whispering, but in actuality, or reality, whatever, she actually gets louder.)
By now, Baby Dear is highly annoyed and POPS here eyes open to reveal the reddest cherries you could ever see,(except for her fathers eyes the look like red beacons-that's another subject). She turns her head in my direction and gives me a look that sends chills to ones soul. She looks as if she is saying, "WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING???? (Think of flames shooting from ones mouth.)You, slave mother, have interrupted MY SLEEP!!!!!! YOU KNOW I DON'T GET UP UNTIL AFTER 9:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well,it's 8:05 and our appointment is at 9:05. I guess I had better get moving, but meanwhile, where's my fire gear?

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