Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love American Style, or how to spend too much money.. (:-)

Yesterday was Valentines Day.
Do you remember that day? The day you spent too much money on things that you probably shouldn't have. I was and am becoming a bit wiser these days so most of my gifts were bought nearly a month ago when the items hit the stores. I was wandering through Sainsbury's (an American equivalent of that would be almost like Albertsons), when they had just began putting out the fine chocolates that I knew my family loved. I picked out one for each of them and a LARGE Toblerone for myself. Oh yes, I was selfish for only a moment, but if you know me and my chocolate, it will be shared and consumed by others more than myself.
Anywho, the night before V-Day I went to the BX and saw the array of overpriced items that people had preordered and had yet to pick up. There was also a wall of items to buy for those "last minute "suckers"". I priced a bunch of items a month ago and was shocked to see the price gouging that had taken place since then. A giant stuffed bear and a cheap box of no-name chocolates for $30.00 dollars!!! What????? I don't think so!
I shudder to think what the price of a dozen roses were. Why do people do this to themselves?? I know that I'm not queen of plan ahead, but I hate to throw money out the window for something I don't have to. What is the true meaning of V-Day? Hmmm? Is it a day to outspend the Joneses? DO you have to? That's coveting. You should do what you can to let your love one feel loved- everyday that you live. Not just on one day of the year. My family didn't ask for anything specific so I was intent on giving them something they would really love- Breakfast for dinner. When we were in America, a special treat for us would be to go to IHOP, (International House Of Pancakes). We were going to have Belgian waffle palooza along with enough bacon to stop the heart of a horse! Oh yes, we were gonna have a good time. Do you hear the disco music playing in the background? I do..
But the dream of swimming in bacon ended when Baby Dear ate a watch battery.........

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