Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She's a survivor!

Last post I wrote about a certain little person eating a watch battery. How she got it was highly disturbing, but that wasn't the point. There were several batteries in her reach and I thought she might have eaten more than one.
I took her to the ER and the sent us right over to get an xray. She was so happy, not uttering a word of disagreement when we laid her down on that cold table! I, on the other hand, was quite shaken by the fact that the other batteries I saw were corroded and I was sure that there was acid swimming around her little baby stomach getting ready to do some serious damage.
They quickly took the xray and I could hear them declaring, "There it is! Yep, I see it. She got that one down all right!" I was giggling since they sounded like they had just discovered Mars.
We went back down to the ER and after a few minutes the Dr came in to discuss the plan. Plan A-If she became ill then we were to bring her right in. Plan B-If she were to pass it then she should be okay. If not, then well, back to plan A.
Needless to say, we were sent home to wait and see what happens.
The next morning, it happened. The battery made its way out after breakfast and my life was made easier.

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Aleceia said...

Why did the accused eat the battery? Tht ate the battery? I habe never heard of a child tht ate batteries