Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday, Wednesday.

Well, as usual I have taken too long of a break and now have writers clog or whatever the phrase is.
It's been quite busy as usual and I have wanted to write and let you know what was going on, but whenever I get to the computer, a short person who is as strong as an ox, overtakes my leg with her preciously sharp nails and sends me into a leg slapping frenzy! You see, I cut her nails EVERY WEDNESDAY and even though I buff those sharp edges down, they manage to resharpen themselves or something when i'm not looking. Maybe it's the squareness of them. Whatever it is, it's painful and I can't take it anymore! What to do? What to do? Hmmm,I reserved myself to not sitting at the desk when she is crawling around. And so hence, the lack of blogging.

February is here and it is the month of LUVV.
Yes, I spelled that right. And I am not talking about the diapers either.
I want to spend the next couple of weeks thinking and expressing my love for so many blessings that I have had.

1. God- Isn't HE great??????
2. My dear husband. He is usually behind the scenes and dosen't get the credit he deserves, but he has been able to provide for us more than I ever thought. He is quite encouraging when he's not busy working........
3. My children! They are such a bumper crop of personality! I don't know what to say about them except that they are sweet and well behaved and hmmmm, they are my arrows.
4. Living overseas!! It's a once in a lifetime experience that I have had TWICE! How neat is that???
5. My mother and grandmother- They are gone to be with the Lord now but have left me a rich legacy and so many memories..
6. Family that remembers and cares for us- Once in a while I get an email or card from an aunt or two,(or an uncle and my father in law), just to let me know that they are thinking about me. Even though I'm not there, they haven't forgotten me. Makes me feel good.
7. Friends!-Especially the ones whom you don't hear from for months but you know that when you see them again it will be like you never left! Judy, Grandpa & Grandma Hassel, Rhonda, The Pages, Sensenigs, Mummaus, Goods, Ainsworths, Yoders, and so many more. Please don't be upset if I didn't mention you by name- I didn't forget you!!
8. Church Family- need I say more? We love them all.

Now that's my list for today. I'm headed to storytime with the little ones.

Abundant Blessings to you all!


Leslie said...

I love that I can "hear" your voice when I read your words. I didn't realize that you were back in the UK!!! It will be great to have you nearly-a-neighbor! :)

Aleceia said...

Wat abt your nieces..smh...