Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy Justice

Whoo-a-whoo-a-whooo. Errr-err-err.
Do you hear the western themed music in the background?

It's time for a dose of Mommy Justice!

Here's todays victim.
Short haired and 27 inches tall, the "Victim" was given a container of snacks that were JUST FOR HER. They are called "Toddler Snacks", for the pure reason that toddlers cannot choke on them unless they put 20 of them in their mouth at the same time and inhale deeply...... (Somehow ,somewhere, someone's child has probably done this.)So, these "snacks" are for her only. I handed them to the so called "Accused", so they could feed them to the "Victim".
We headed off on our road trip of 20 minutes and in faith, I left the two to their own devices- one to feed, the other to be fed. When we got to our destination, half the package had been eaten! The person to be fed was passed out cold and the "feeder" was still smacking. I confiscated the evidence and scolded the "Accused". "Do not eat these, they are for the "Victim"!
Book closed.
Or so I thought.

48 hrs later, vainlessly searching the cabinets for the "Toddler Snacks", they were nowhere to be found. I searched high and low asking anyone around for the missing foodstuffs. Multigrain Cheerios had to be used as a substitute. Disappointed, I picked up some items from the counter to put in the recycling bin and what did I see?? The EMPTY container of "Toddler Snacks" on the top of the bin! I asked the "Accused", the person who drops their coat on the floor when they walk into the front door, plays with toilet tissue, leaving a heaping pile of it unrolled on the floor, the same person who can't seem to find the dirty clothes hamper if they are standing right next to it, if they ate the "Snacks". With great enthusiasm, and in a very sweet voice, they said "Yes"! And they "hid", or "recycled" the evidence!

The Accused!
Dosen't this face look guilty?

What kind of crime is this??? I'll tell you, I will.
It's theft, aiding and abetting a criminal,(someone saw that child, I tell you!!),perjury (or forgetfulness), no guns or anything like that, and something else I can't think of! This was a crime of unknown proportions! Someone needed to be brought to justice!!! (Scream, will you!!!) Aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!
So what do you do in a situation like this?
No witnesses, no case, no justice!
(There was a bit of scolding to the accused who has done time before due to other food related crimes.)

Court is now adjourned............And everyone has been forgiven.


Sister Lori said...

AaaYUP! She shore do look guilty Ma'am!

Aleceia said...

i'm trying to work and not laugh out loud!! AHHH! I thought it was Elise as the accused and trying to feed Chloe! I didn't know it was chloe! lol!! I'm trying not to laugh! I'm in tears! Needed the laugh:) love you guys!!

Melanie said...