Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm in love!

No. I am not leaving Mr!
I have found something that I didn't know I could be so interested in and I want you to know about it. I confess that I can't have this new friend much since he can be quite heavy on the heart after a while, but it is worth a try especially if you have the opportunity to try it.
As many of you know me personally, you already know that I love to eat! I like trying new foods and here is a great place to do it. In England, there are so many imported foods that you can stick your hand blindly in a grocery aisle and probably come up with something from somewhere else. Well, I did that as I rushed through Tesco after church and brought back to the car an amazing discovery- Double Gloucester with onion and chive. Yea, it sounds like you need an interpreter to pronounce it, but it is so-ooo good!! I popped a piece into my mouth and it just melted on my tongue like butter. It was rich and tangy and oh-so-flavorful! I was stricken with the creamy taste of it and immediately fell in love. Against my better judgement, I handed out tasters to the rest of the family. Sniff, sniff. They went happy on me and wanted another taste. I promptly said "No" and pulled out the custard doughnuts. Yes, I had a trick in my bag and I was willing to use it to hoard the cheese. They enjoyed their doughnuts (which we don't eat very often because, well, we'd all look like doughnuts if we did that!).
We made it home and the prized cheese was placed in the fridge, in an inconspicuous place.
I took it out to take this photo. When I touched it, it called my name and I had to taste it, Just.a.little.bite.
And as you can see by this photo, I had some self control.
Now I know how Winnie the Pooh felt. Let's just hope I don't start looking like him!


MamaOlive said...

Y'all do have good cheese over there. Ever been to Cheddar? Or the Wensleydale cheese factory? Free samples, baby! We did both places on our August vacation. If you go to Cheddar be sure and check out the ginger and onion pickles, too. Okay, time to cook.

Asia K said...

from a country which doesn't do cheese at all, I am sending taste buds to England to the amazing cheese...
No, it's not going to be chocolate I hoard at Christmas - it'll be cheese...


Misty said...

OHHHH you two!! I'll never lose this baby fat if I listen to you!!
Oh well, we can eat cheese together though!