Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello Russia?

Dearest Friends,
I have been doing,(writing), this blog for many months now and am thoroughly intrigued at the widget on the right hand corner. FEEDJIT lets me know where my readers are coming too my blog from.
So far there are readers from all over the world. This is great and tons of fun if you put it on a map and see that folks come from Spain, Canada, Ireland,Brazil, Southwest Asia, and even Africa! I know people in those places. But Russia? Wow! I'd love to know who you are! Are you a mommy too? We were talking about trying to visit there before we are forced to leave Europe under the guise of retirement. Send me an email, introduce yourself, lets be friends! (Unless you are a spy, hee, hee!)


P.S. Anyone else from an exotic place? (I'm from Texas and anywhere else is deemed exotic!) Come on, lets be friends too!

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