Monday, March 21, 2011

A new and better challenge!!

I just noticed that all I had written about this is gone! So here is the link to the challenge that I have undertaken. The last one didn't work for me so I found this one and am having a great time doing it. I am actually ahead of schedule and it's a good thing because of our upcoming spring break trip. Here is the link for you. We are halfway there, but you can always join now and get 20 bags of stuff out of your house.
So far last week I have sent out 8 bags of stuff. Big trash bags count as 2 in my opinion.
Join me and let's get cracking.

Do this one. This is a 30 day challeng that just started on April 1st. Five minute a day missions get you on the start to a more organized home.

Go on with it!!!


Misty said...

What happened? There is NO post!

Aleceia said...

Ill try it out...need 2 start more routines in my life