Monday, March 7, 2011

My Menu in a Minute- March 6-12, 2011

Sunday-Chicken with artichokes and pasta(A family favorite!)
Monday- Mama's Avocado burgers, oven fries and Broccoli salad
Tuesday- PANCAKE DAY!!! Oh yea! Crepes, with cheddar, bacon and broccoli. Banana nut pancakes with sweetened whipped cream
Wednesday- Red Beans and rice, spinach and orange salad
Thursday-hmmmm, nothing sparks me mind yet!
Friday- Salmon croquettes, parsleyed rice, candied carrots and sliced tomatoes
Saturday- Chef's Delight (leftovers)

Well that's all I can think of in just one minute!
Uh, yes. There is a repeat of broccoli, but I want to eat it while it's fresh!

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