Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A face plant and flying noodles!

Okay, the title tells it all, but I HAVE to tell you what really happened. Yesterday (dreamy music playing in the background), at our extremely late lunch around 2:30 pm, we were enjoying the remnants of beef stroganoff we had the night before. Chloe was in her highchair and stood up. I grabbed her bowl and loosened her tray but it was still in front of her. Wyndon came in the room and stood behind her while talking away. (this is his new bad habit- talking through anything going on, ignoring whatever surrounds him, including danger!) As I was breaking into his conversation to ask him to grab Chloe, she leaned forward, pressing onto the loose tray, dislodging it and taking a dive. She was only inches from cracking her head on the corner of the table when miracoulsly her head redirected itself and headed for the corner of the table leg.

(Now let me tell you about this table we have- it's a manly table chosen by my husband because it was made from solid wood so nothing on it is less than 2 inches thick. It is SOLID and anyone's head meeting it will have a slight concussion from the impact!)

Okay now back to the story: So her head is headed (that's a pun, get it?) for the edge of the table leg when it redirects itself toward the side of the leg and down she goes, scuffing her eyebrow off before she hits the floor on her face with legs bent up behind her upon impact. Me,in the process of trying to catch her and watch her at the same time, with extreme delayed reaction, grabs in the air, tossing the bowl and noodles on top of the already hurt and traumatized child. Well, she started crying and Wyndon started laughing, so I held myself together, checked her out for any serious injury and have been laughing ever since!
(As I wrote this, I was laughing so hard that the children kept asking me if I was alright!)

Thank the Lord for Angels and quick growing eyebrows!


BlessedTimes5 said...

wow!!!! HOW FUNNY!!! I can just see the whole thing....I needed the laugh. But of course I am glad my sweet girl is ok!!

Erica said...

wow that is to funny!!!!! it sounds painful especially the part about the missing eyebrow!! lol take and send pictures!!

MamaOlive said...

hilarious. Glad it was hurt rather than damage.

The Great M! said...