Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Morning Ramblings

Well, this is going to be quite a week for us over here. We have guests driving in from Poland tomorrow (Wednesday),for an overnight visit and then the packers come to move us on Thursday and Friday to a house on the base of RAF Lakenheath. I am sad through all of this since I like where I live, I can walk anywhere in this city, I have made great friends here, we found a sweet little church that works well for our family, I will miss my huge back yard and I love living away from the American base and living amongst the Brits and most of all- I will miss my milkman!!!
Lord, am I being petty??

So right now, my house is a mess, my oldest is coughing in her sleep, and I should take my allergy medicine before I use the WHOLE box of tissues up.
Breakfast today? Oatmeal with brown sugar and a side order of sausages. Ran out of orange juice 2 days ago. Met with lots of protests by unhappy children!
Lunch? We will eat at the bowling alley since we have a back to school get together to attend.
Dinner tonight? Pakistani Kima-from the "More With Less" cookbook. It's just an easy one pot beef curry that the whole family enjoys.

So what are your plans for today?

Many Blessings,


MamaOlive said...
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MamaOlive said...

Sorry about the deleted comment. For a minute there I forgot you were moving behind the fence.

Let me know how I can help.