Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picking up the pieces

Well it's been a bit over a week since mama passed away and I find myself singing the last song they sang at her funeral, "I'm Trading my Sorrows". It's a nice song and quite catchy. Of course it wasn't as fancied up as it is here on YouTube, but they sang their hearts out for us and I do appreciate all that the Higher Praise Family Church did for our family. If you happen to go to the Fort Worth area, look them up and have a visit-they are a wonderful group of Godly people.

Here is the YouTube link:

I am waiting for the full impact of her being gone to hit me. It's creeping up slowly and I felt it's sting this afternoon when the children and I were in the car and I had to remember an uncles middle name and I couldn't. So I thought that I had better call mom and ask her when I got home. Then came the silence. She isn't here anymore and I can't ask her anything. She can't squeeze my hand, hug the children or forget ingredients to a recipe that she gave me(that's a whole 'nother story). Man, reality hurts and it's hard, but God has given my heart some peace in the form of humor. My mom was funny and I have that gene. My children have a bit of this gene too and when I was feeling low after wanting to call mom, my son says, "Hey what would happen if we could call Grandma in heaven?" "I can see it now, someone answers and I say, "Could I speak to Joyce England?" A voice says, "Hold on, please." (In the background, there is loud music and singing.)She answers and I say, "Grandma, it's me Wyndon." She replies, "Who?" ME, WYNDON, YOUR GRANDSON!" "Oh, Hi there Wyndon, I can't talk now, I'm in a conga line headed to a toga party. After that, there is a dinner buffet."Wyndon says,"How many times a day do they have this buffet?" Mom replies,"Oh, every hour! Well I gotta go! Bye!" Click.
We had a good laugh at that and could only imagine the wonders of heaven she is enjoying while we are down here picking up the pieces.
And knowing my momma, she is up there singing her heart out and waiting for the next pork buffet to roll around!

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