Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late one night.........

It's midnight and a half and I am finishing up some schoolwork with my teenager. I got to do the fun part. Something that we all learned to do in preschool. Cut and paste and color. It has been a long time since I got to sit down and be creative with a box of crayons. Usually I am passing them out and picking them up. This time I got a bit fancy and worked a few flowers into the picture. We were doing a family tree for my teenager and I was trying to color in the background around the tree. A little grass here, a couple of flowers there, a cloud or two and voila! A relaxing moment with not a care in the world. Now I can see why artists can paint uninterrupted for hours and lose all concept of time. Perhaps that's what happens to my beloved when he starts doing things. He dosen't check the time and I have to awaken him from his concentration. Hmmm.Is he really working or is he ignoring me?
That, Dear Watson, is a mystery.

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