Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mr Turkey comes home!

I finally did it. I bought the Thanksgiving turkey. I wasn't sure of what size to get since the guest list was up in the air, but I went ahead and picked out a mid-sized one. I thought I should have gotten 2 but our freezer space is minimal and the fridge will be full of other things.
So I get home from the road trip for gas, school stuff, mail check, and turkey run and I see that there really isn't room for Mr Turk in the freezer or fridge. I was not giving up my reduced yogurt space for him (Oh, they marked another kind down that we like), so I had to come up with a plan. He would sleep in the garage. Oh yes- even though we don't have a fridge for him. He has to thaw anyway and the weather is at a brisk thirty something degrees so he can sleep in a cooler in the garage.
If we get ill from food poisoning you know what happened, but for now sweet dreams Mr.Turkey.

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