Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a week!

We survived and didn't get much done, but thank the Lord, we survived! Mr has encountered a lot of pain lately and I am starting to wonder if he should be reevaluated. He can't cough or sneeze without pain in his chest. I have ordered the top of the line pain reliever for him and am waiting for it to come in the mail.
Talk about the mail. I ordered a pattern on the 20th of October and just got it on the 22nd of November. They said give it 3 weeks and I think I was extra patient for this one.

We ran out of yogurt to go with the granola I made last week. I can't seem to get the balance right. Now I have to get some more yogurt and I'm sure that it won't be on sale. Balance, balance, and patience. Teeter tottering. Hmmmmmm..........

Thursday, Mr, Cali girl and I went to Asda in Cambridge. Asda is just like Wal_Mart, only here. We had a good time and bought too much bread since it was still warm from the oven and we couldn't resist. Friday, the previously mentioned trio mailed boxes, and I had a speaking engagement about living in Britain. Mr. and Cali went and got lost at the BXtra and I couldn't find them when I walked over there. It was cold and the wind was starting to kick up a bit but it was a good and brisk walk for me.

Friday night, I decided that Mr and I would take a little trip to spend some time and try to figure out some ongoing issues that have been plaguing our household. We spoke to a few people and learned a lot. Prayer is needed on that subject.

Mr had to work over the weekend, so I decided that it would be a good time to unpack some boxes in the garage that haven't been opened since the spring. It was like opening gifts on Christmas morn. Since it was so cold outside, Science dude and I only lasted about 40 minutes before we declared it too nippy to work. I didn't guess that my fingers and toes would be so uncomfortable thawing out! Oh, it hurt when they tingled and felt like electrical shocks. And yes, I did have on gloves and socks but apparently they weren't thick enough.
I cooked all day,(at least it seemed like I did), and we cleaned up for a bit, but I was back and forth on Yahoo messenger talking to an old friend from my old neighborhood.

Our Saturday menu was like this:
Homemade biscuits, orange juice and a fat slice of Polska Kielbasa
Moms Not-so-Chinese fried rice
Moms Beef, onions and pepper pizza (Cali had macaroni with cheese sauce)

It was cold that night and Science dude went to spend the night at his friends house. He was sniffling all day and I didn't attack him with any remedies like I should have.
He dosen't get sick that often and he is so apologetic when he is.
I hope this isn't the start of an epidemic!!!!!!!

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