Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What expiration date?

Okay, last week I hit upon a great deal on this German yogurt we love and is a bit expensive. Instead of $1.95 it was .50 cents!!! Woo-hoo, so I bought some, or to be exact, a LOT of it. Was I thinking? Probably not, but hey,I got a good deal. So with this plain yogurt that I bought comes granola. But we just happen to be out of granola in any shape, fashion or form. The yogurt was to expire 48 hrs later and the clock was ticking. So I decided to make granola. My good old standard recipe given to me by Leslie A. of Grandview. My oldest, aka,"Spring Chicken", dosen't like this kind and wanted me to make freezer granola (Rachel U. of Squaw Valley's recipe), which I have deemed impossible due to the size of our miniature freezer(that's another story). So with the clock ticking on the yogurt life span, I forgot about it. Yes, another forgetful episode of mine-rare indeed. Saturday comes, we have overnight guests and I am running around with Mr. and didn't have time. Then Sunday came around and I went to the bazaar, blah, blah- we blew out the lights in the dining room and I was making Sunday dinner and -no time again. Monday comes and we are out again, me and the Mr. He blew out the lights upstairs and we were really in the dark until he went out to the garage (I know it's an insane place to put it, but the circuit breaker is in there), so we could have light. Was I distracted? Well yea!!
So, Mr. goes to work on Tuesday and I have to go to the allergy clinic for "Spring Chicken"-has allergy treatments twice weekly, go by the school for paperwork for "Royal E", and drop off "California Girl" for her first time at the baby sitter.
Can you see the miles rolling by?
Okay, after all of this, I make it home 20 minutes before the bus pulls up with Royal E, Science Dude and neighbor boy, Xander. So I get to working on dinner and spy the dying yogurt in the fridge. Oh, I have got to make granola NOW!! Dinner is cooking and I need peanut butter for the granola.Mr. has insisted that I use this natural peanut butter we brought from the states that expired- let me finally check the label. Hold on, drumroll.......... in APRIL 2008!!!
Oh, I feel sick. I know it's mental, but it's real. So I make this granola and bake it, finally tasting it with Spring Chicken when we look at each other and say, "this dosen't taste right!" I , being of sound mind and tight pockets declare that i am not going to throw it away and will save it by adding MORE peanut butter, but Spring Chick says use Jiff!So I remix honey and pb, mix in the recycled granola and put it back in the oven. Nearly forgot it this time due to an emergency bath needed by Cali girl so Science Dude got it out of the oven. We finally ate dinner and went to taste the granola again. This time it was more palatable and we decided to keep it. If we didn't, there were going to be some ducks and cows having a good time down the road tonight!
It was getting late and Mr wasn't home by 8:45 so I got everyone to finish their chores and we were in bed by 9pm. Whew!!!
So, the moral of this story is, don't stay up too late helping teenagers because your faculties will not be up to par for several days beyond and always check the expiration date even after your hubby says "It's all right to eat". Someone has to survive the mass poisoning!
At 6:30 am, in his lunch today was packed: 2 yogurts, a fat ziplock bag full of granola and some cottage pie!
I hadn't checked the date before I wrote this..................

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MamaOlive said...

Did you see the bargain ham up there last week? 99cents a pound for spiral sliced - sounded great till I looked - expired Nov 07!!!! Where'd they keep it til now?