Friday, November 14, 2008

"No" hurts

Right now I am trying to teach California girl, maybe train Cali girl not to do things such as pull things off of the shelves. I was pretty sure she got this concept a month or two ago but has regressed since then. As I type, I am inhaling the fumes of a bad diaper and flagging down my rampant shelve disorderer.
Let me take care of something right quick.
Be back shortly!

So, I thump her hand when she touches things she shouldn't and she cries something awful. Sad faces, snot and all come from her. She is learning that "No" means "No", and pain is imminent. She has now become saavy to "No". When she hears it, she starts swinging, mainly to deflect the painful thump that comes from nowhere. So, our plan has to evolve before she gets more destructive because frankly, I'm tired of replacing books.
To be continued....

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